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MISC-94 - Thompson-Center shot catridges-HS: R-P 44 REM MAG - Green plastic shot sabot

MISC-95 - 12.7mm Russian, Fired Case

MISC-96 - 14.5mm Russian, Fired Case

MISC-97 & MISC-100 - 30 MM Drill Round -HS: DUMMY CARTRIDGE 30MM

MISC-98 - NEWCO Flash Powder -Empty can-Extra Fast Speed

MISC-99 - 37mm MK 1A2 INERT round-1941P.E.&M CO projectile-fuze inert



MISC-103-104-105 - French 22mm Flare, Aluminum case-red,green,yellow

MISC-106 - Mahan Safe Rounds Super Rare - 38 Special
The real deal - only about 1,000 of these were produced and of those about 200 were destroyed - these were actually produced around 1973 or so and were the culmination of an idea by James F Mahan, an ex-FBI agent who served as a judo and small arms instructor. Originally conceived in the 1950's Mahan was amazed at the carelessness in weapons handling by many law enforcement personnel and thus he developed this revolver locking device - an article appears in the March, 1986 issue of the American Rifleman

Very little is known about it and only the most advanced collectors have ever seen one, much less actually have one in their collection - well, now's your chance - have a FEW sets of these - they come in plastic tubes with a set of instructions and the sets being offered here include:

One specimen headstamped "Patent Pending"
One specimen with the patent # headstamped on head (Patent #3,027,674)

A photocopy of the AR one page short article is included

These are INERT and can be shipped by standard mail - you'll be the envy of all of your collecting buddies for sure

MISC-108 - 57mm Drill Round

MISC-109 - .338 Win Mag Salesman's Sample - circa 1955


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