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The International Ammunition Association is a nonprofit organization whose stated purpose is to foster interest and knowledge in ammunition of all types and forms. Wikipedia
European Cartridge Research Association (E.C.R.A.)
The European Cartridge Research Association (E.C.R.A.) was formed as the European Cartridge Collectors Club (E.C.C.C.) in 1965 with about 50 members residing in a number of different European countries. From this small beginning, the E.C.R.A. has grown into a world wide organisation, the largest of its kind, with members from Australia to the United States and from Germany to Uruguay.
ECRA Caliber Data Viewer
The main purpose of the ECRA CALIBER DATA VIEWER (ECDV), edited by the European Cartridge Research Association, is the identification of small caliber cartridges (up to 50 mm).
It is probably the most important database in the world, with

- more than 15,000 registered calibers or case types,

- descriptions of more than 30,000 specimens, either measured or taken from literature,

- 27,000 of them photographed.
Terminal Ballistics Research (TBR)
Terminal Ballistics Research (TBR) is a business that was formed to educate hunters and shooters worldwide. This is delivered via our online cartridge knowledge base, our tutorial books, hunting tutorial services and rifle accurizing services (including self learning via our bedding products and tutorials).