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Any/ALL Firearms sales must comply with all applicable regulations in accordance with BATF and any other appropriate ordinances

ALL Firearms MUST be sent to properly licensed FFL holders
or those with a C&R license if applicable


All ammunition sold here on others parts of this site is sold as "Collectible/Display Ammunition" and is not meant or guaranteed to fire!
Some of the ammunition we sell is quite old and there is no way to tell how it has been stored
over the years
It very well may function perfectly well but the primary value is to the collector, not the "shooter."

All LIVE AMMUNITION must be shipped UPS or FedEx ground.
The minimum shipping charge for ammo is $15.00 

No International Shipping on Ammunition!!!!

Shipping to the Lower 48 States Only except NO SHIPPING (AMMO) TO CALIFORNIA!!

All firearms, cartridges, or packets of ammunition are described to the best of our abilities!

Click on the images below to see some additional images if available
BOOKS are typically shipped Media Mail to save on shipping costs


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